It is very important to make sure your sump pit is always removing the water that collects inside of it.  If the water is not removed from the pit, and it rises up to where the drainage pipe are located, the water will then begin to back up into your foundation, potentially causing damage to your foundation and home structure.

If we install the radon mitigation system into the sump pit, which is a very effective way to mitigate your home, the sump pit must always maintain water levels below the drainage pipe.  If water begins to back up into those drainage pipes, not only will you increase your potential for damaging your home, you will also be decreasing the effectiveness of the radon system.

The radon systems works off of the passive airflow that is created by the drainage pipes that run the perimeter of your home.  If that drain pipes become full of water, we no longer have the passive airflow needed to mitigate the home, and it can potentially damage the radon fan do to lack of airflow.

Having a functional, quality sump pump system is extremely important for any home with an active sump pit.  If you have excessive water in your sump pit, call us today to schedule an installation.

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