New Radon Resistant Construction in Denver, CO

How to Build a Radon-resistant Home

Denver is considered a high-risk area for radon exposure because of its proximity to the uranium-rich Rocky Mountains. That’s why it’s important to consider radon resistant new construction in Denver metro and surrounding cities. It’s a practical choice, because adding radon safety features to a home post-construction is much more expensive.


When you work with us at APEX Radon, not only are you taking a proactive step towards protecting your home and family against the threat of radon, but you are also investing in a mitigation system that is totally unseen. Our systems utilize totally hidden piping and fan systems so as not to disrupt the flow of your home or intrude on your living spaces. We also make sure that we set you up with a system that will work efficiently. We tailor our systems and designs to the unique architecture and radon mitigation needs of your home. Learn more about radon resistant new construction by calling us today!


Radon Resistant Construction: What You Need to Know

In ideal situations, radon mitigation systems are installed before the concrete for the foundation is poured. Since radon is created through the breakdown of uranium in the soil and bedrock, it typically seeps into buildings from subterranean levels. This is why radon mitigation systems need to be installed or built under the foundation.

Here are other important things to know about radon gas resistant construction:

  • Finding the right builder – Radon resistant construction requires expertise in mitigation systems. When looking for contractors, be sure to ask them if they are certified with the NRPP and if they have experience building with radon resistant techniques. You can also ask if they are familiar with gas permeable layers, plastic sheeting, sealing and caulking, vent pipes, and junction boxes – all pivotal aspects in radon resistant new construction.
  • How do I know if my fan is working? – Your radon mitigation system will likely use a fan to expel gas. If so, then your system will have what’s called a U-tube manometer. To make sure your fan is working, take a look at the U-tube manometer. If your fan is working properly, the liquid levels in the tubing will not be even. If they are even on both sides, your fan is not working.

Radon resistant new construction should only be carried out by certified professionals. Here at APEX Radon, we have 15 years of experience with radon testing, radon mitigation system installation, and much more. We can install a reliable mitigation system for your new residential or commercial building. Also, if you are a contractor looking to get certified in radon resistant new construction, we can help.


The APEX Difference

When you work with us at APEX Radon, you are putting a wealth of radon mitigation expertise and experience in your corner. We are a fully licensed and insured radon mitigation company and we are certified with the NRPP. We can guarantee that we will get your radon levels to a safe level, whether you need commercial or residential service. Plus, we offer industry-leading warranties on products and services. We set ourselves apart from the competition by doing detailed work that puts the health and safety of the customer first. Experience the APEX Radon difference today!

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