Radon Mitigation

Residential Radon Mitigation

Residential Radon mitigation happens when you install a Radon system that takes the dangerous gas out of your home using piping and a special fan and distributes it into the atmosphere to break down. The system to do this can be installed in many different ways. Every home is unique, so when our experienced installers arrive to your home they will walk you through a step by step process on how they plan to install your mitigation system.

We always attempt to choose a location that will be aesthetically pleasing, but the most important factor is effectiveness. In most cases, we are able to create a system that meets both of those criteria.

With every mitigation method, we choose a specific fan catered to the needs of your home. Our goal is to install the most effective Radon mitigation system and make sure you are completely satisfied. 

Types of Installations

Outdoor Mitigation

Indoor Mitigation

Our systems are Guaranteed to reduce your radon levels to 4.0 pCi/L or lower

Our fans are UV protected to prevent discoloring from the sun

Fan replacement warranty on materials and workmanship

Warranty on parts and labor

Methods of Radon Mitigation

Sub-slab depressurization

With a sub-slab depressurization system, we will core out a small opening in your foundation. Then we can dig out enough dirt to create a vacuum underneath the slab with the installed radon fan.  This vacuum causes the radon to travel to the path of least resistance, which will now be our suction hole. We will then continue to run the piping to the exterior of your home where it will be safety discharged.

If there are any large openings in the foundation, large cracks, or gaps in the floor to wall joints, they would all need to be addressed to assure that we have no loss of suction.  The system only works if we can keep the vacuum at a high level underneath the slab.

Sump pit suction

A sump pit suction system is an extremely effective radon mitigation system.  We will install the suction pipe into the lid of your sump pit.  We will then seal off the sump lid and around the pipe so that it is air tight.  This then begins to draw air through the drainage pipes that run beneath your foundation, giving us resistance free air flow, and removal of radon.

We will also install a viewing window on the lid of the sump pit so that you can monitor the water activity inside the pit.  If your sump pit is active and has a sump pump installed, you will eventually need to access that pump to replace it.  So we have designed our mitigation system to be completely removable so that you will be able to access the pump when ever you need to.

This method of mitigation will, in no way, negatively effect your sump pit, or sump pump system. The mitigation system works inline with the existing sump pit and pump.

Pre-installed passive radon system

A pre-existing passive radon system is a perforated piping system that would have been laid under the foundation when your home was built.  This is generally only in newer homes, 2013 and forward.

If your home has a passive radon system, many times you will still need to add the additional piping, suction fan and exterior exhaust to mitigate the home.   

Never assume your home is free of radon, testing is the only way to know if you have a radon problem.

Crawl space depressurization

If your home has a crawl space, it may need to be sealed with a vapor barrier in order to reduce your radon levels.

When there is a sump pit, we are often able to reduce the radon levels without sealing the crawl space because we are able to pull so much air from beneath the surface that it does not allow the radon to move up through the crawl space and into your home.   

We seal your crawl space using a heavy duty 6mil plastic and a premium construction adhesive to bond the vapor barrier to the foundation walls.  This will prevent any radon, air, or moisture to pass through the vapor barrier.  When we pair the sealed vapor barrier with a core penetration, sump pit suction, or crawl space depressurization mitigation system, we are able to cause the air, that would naturally travel through the crawl space, to be pulled to our suction point and then exhausted outside.

Every home is different, there are many factors that will dictate whether or not your crawl space will need to be sealed.  Since it is sometimes needed and sometimes not, we offer you a phased system approach.  We would only do one step at a time until the desired radon levels are achieved.  This can potentially save you hundreds, even thousands depending on the size of your crawl space.  Our experienced technicians will walk you through your options upon arrival to your home.


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